Past Event Recording Package

Note* If you can't show up to the LIVE 5 Day Digital Workshop & You Just Want The Information, THIS IS FOR YOU. Below is Everything You Get In A Special "Do It Yourself" Package We Put Together Just For You

Here's What You're Gonna Learn:

  • Day 0: Exactly How You Can Eat More & Still Lose Weight Without Cutting Carbs or Counting Calories Even If You Don't Exercise
  • ​Day 1: Carb Myths Doctors Still Believe That Makes It Impossible To Reverse Diabetes (& Exactly How It's Possible To No Longer Need Medications Like Metformin & Insulin Even If It Runs In Your Family)
  • ​Day 2: Learn the foodHACKING Framework That Makes Everything Easier & Faster By Helping You Cook/Prep Once, Eat for Days & Spend Less Money On Groceries All While Eating More & Losing Weight
  • ​Day 3: Exactly What Foods Accelerate Heart Attacks, Erectile Dysfunction & Dementia & How to Reverse the Damage Already There
  • ​Day 4: Optimize Your Mood, Your Poop & Your Immune System With This Single 'Easy To Get' Nutrient That 97% Of People Are Deficient In 
  • ​Day 5: How To Never Diet Again - 3 Psychological Hacks That You Must Implement to Create Permanent Change
  • ​Get A Private Invite to Access the 5-Day Challenge Facebook Group
  • Get the Private Link To Download The ​"REDLINE Cheat Sheet"
  • Grocery List Download - ​Super Common & Affordable Groceries To Fill Your Refrigerator, Freezer & Cabinets With That Make This Lifestyle Easy


Get the Recordings - Only $17

(that's 79% less than the LIVE EXPERIENCE)

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The Redline Challenge is an innovative educational and group coaching program designed to help you understand the role of food and weight loss and chronic disease.
Do not take this information as personal medical advice. Always work with your physician and/or qualified health care provider before adjusting medications or making major dietary changes. This program does not provide specific dietary advice. Please refrain from asking your instructor for specific medical advice.
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