August 5th - 9th

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The NEXT 5- Day Challenge Starts Mon August 5th

 This New 5-Day FOOD Challenge EXPOSES What Happens To Your Body When YOU ONLY EAT The Foods Below The REDLINE...

Lose Weight Eating More

(No Cutting Carbs, No Counting Calories)

Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

(Naturally, Without Medications & Without Cutting Carbs)

Normalize Blood Pressure

(Naturally, With No Meds & Without Giving Up Salt)

  5 Day Attendance $97  Flash Sale $7

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 August 5th - 9th

(Doctors Everywhere Are In Shock Because They Were Told What Happens During This Challenge  Was NOT Possible)


  5 Day Attendance $97  Flash Sale$7

(Doctors Everywhere Are In Shock Because They Were Told What Happens During This Challenge  Was NOT Possible)

Here Is What YOU'RE GONNA LEARN During Your 5 Days...

  Day 1 Class 1

Monday 5pm (CST) | 6pm (EST)

Dangerous Food Myths Most Doctors Still Believe That Keep Diabetics Stuck On Meds & Avoiding The Good Carbs That Can Save Their Life

  • Exposing The Myth That Carbs Are The Cause Diabetes
  • ​Learn The Differences Between Healthy Carbs & Unhealthy Carbs
  • Why Eating Low-Glycemic Foods Can Actually Make Diabetes Worse
  • ​What The Body & The Brains Preferred Source of Fuel Actually Is
  • ​Why Doctors Goals Are Will Never Put Diabetes Into Remission
  • ​Exactly What Foods Can Give Your Body It's Best Chance Of Diabetes Remission (Without Needing Meds or Procedures)

Day 2 - Class 2

Tuesday 5pm (CST) | 6pm (EST)

Exposing How Certain Foods Can Make The Blood In Your Body Automatically KILL CANCER On Site!

  • The Holistic Strategy Mary Beth Laxson Use To Reverse Her Throat Cancer, Lung Cancer and Breast Cancer
  • ​Her Main Anti-Cancer Fresh Juice She Used to Revitalize Her Body
  • Learn The Type of Protein That Causes Cancer To Grow Like Mad
  • ​Discover the Surprising Link Between Cows Milk And Cancer
  • ​Learn What Foods Grocery Store Shelves That Is A Group 1 Carcinogen (Cancer Causing)

Day 3 - Class 3

Wednesday 5pm (CST) | 6pm (EST)

Scary Things Happening Inside Your Veins, Heart, Brain & Penis
And The Foods That Unclog Arteries

  • The Real Reason For Impotence, Dementia & Heart Disease
  • ​How 85 - 95% of Heart Attacks, Open Heart Surgeries, Stents & Bypass Surgeries Can Be 100% Prevented Without Meds
  • ​Why High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol & High Triglycerides Are Almost NEVER The Result of Genetics
  • ​Foods That Are Like A "WeedEater" In Your Veins & Cause Your Blood To Be Thick Like "Mollasses"
  • ​Lies About Muscle Building And Protein

Day 4 - Class 4

Thursday 5pm (CST) | 6pm (EST)

How to Transform Meals You Already Love Into Disease Fighting, Fat Burning Superfoods (Even If You Don't Like To Cook)

  • Discover the Foods Your Anatomy Was Designed To Consume as Fuel
  • ​How the Food Industry Hacks Into Your Brain To Keep You Addicted To Unhealthy Foods
  • ​Learn the Science of foodHACKING To Make Any FOOD Delicious While Staying Below The Redline
  • ​Why Your Sweet Tooth Is Actually Your Best Friend For Weightloss

Day 5

Friday 5pm (CST) | 6pm (EST)

How to Reprogram Your Brain To Crave Healthy  Foods & Permanently Be Disgusted With Unhealthy Foods

  • How to Reprogram Your Brain To Crave Healthy Foods
  • ​The 3 Tools Every foodFIXER Needs For Permanent  Change
  • ​How to Reprogram Your Brain To Be Disgusted by Unhealthy Foods
  • ​Final Weight-loss, Fasting Glucose Readings & Blood Pressure Results Revealed By Challengers

(It Always Works... You Just Need To Learn The Principles)

A Message From Your Hosts


From: Vince Rountree, Mary Beth Laxson & Rawlin Vanatta

What is 'The RedLine Challenge' and what does "eating BELOW THE REDLINE" really mean?

It means EATING AS MUCH AS YOU WANT & Still Losing Weight!...Even if you don't exercise!

But it's so much more than that....

It means Learning You Can Really Live in the Body You've been Yearning For Years....

Without Controlling Portions, Without Counting Calories
& Without Cutting Carbs...

It Also Means Learning That the Carbs Below the Redline Not Only Speed Up Weight-loss But Also Helps Reverse Diabetes....

It Means Learning That The FOODS Below The Redline Lower Blood Pressure, Lower Cholesterol & Improve Circulation!

It Means Decreasing Inflammation ALL OVER YOUR BODY While Radically Improving Your DIGESTION!

It means Increasing Energy!
Improving Mood & Lifting Brain Fog!

It DOES NOT Rely On PILLS, POTIONS or BOXES of Frozen Flavorless Foods!

It MEANS Giving Your Body The FOOD It Was Designed To RUN ON!

It MEANS Tapping Into Your Biological Systems That the Health & Weight-loss Industries Ignore, so that Your Body Can work for you, instead of against you. 

It MEANS RADICAL Health & Body TRANSFORMATION you can see, touch & feel in just 5-DAYS!

And It's ALL INSIDE the foods Below the Redline! 
We know that sounds CRAZY... but we not only prove it...

We invite you to make a COMMITTED Decision to "PLAY FULL OUT" during these 5 Days and we PROMISE that you will DISCOVER THE SECRETS the food Industry and the pharmaceutical industry hope you never find out!

See You Inside The Challenge!
- Vince, Mary & Rawlin


Please Check All Of The Questions Where Your Answer Is YES!

Do you feel like you have already tried everything to lose weight?
Do you crave foods you know you shouldn't, then eat them anyway?
Are you sick tired of 'yo yo' dieting, and want to live a life that keeps your weight under control without constantly fighting weight gain?
Are you committed to losing those pounds, but just aren't sure what steps to take first?
Have You Lost Weight in the past, but it always comes back!?!
Do you think it would be helpful to have direct live access to an expert that has a proven track record at helping people who thought they would never lose weight actually lose weight permanently?
Do you need help with Focus, Accountability or Motivation?
Would you undergo 5 days of intensity to change your life forever?


Here's Whats Inside:

DAY 0 - (Prep Class) Secret "Below The Redline" Training Session
Learn How You Can Eat More & Still Lose Weight Without Cutting Carbs or Counting Calories Even If You Don't Exercise
($197 Value)
DAY 1 -  Carb Myths Doctors Still Believe About Diabetes
 Dangerous Food Myths Most Doctors Still Believe That Keep Diabetics Stuck On Meds & Avoiding The Good Carbs That Can Save Their Life
DAY 2 -  Foods That Make Cancer Run Away
 Exposing How Certain Foods Can Make The Blood In Your Body Automatically KILL CANCER On Site!
($197 Value)

DAY 3 - The Dangerous Nutrient That Causes The Most Death
The Real Cause of Heart Attacks, Erectile Dysfunction & Dementia
And How To Reverse The Damage Already Incurred
($197 Value)
DAY 4 - The foodHACKING Framework
How To Turn Delicious Foods Into Disease Fighting Fat Burning Superfoods While Saving Time on Cooking & Saving Money With Groceries
($197 Value)
DAY 5 - How To Never Diet Again
3 Psychological Hacks That You Must Implement to Create Permanent
($197 Value)


Make It Easy Bundle

- Get A Private Invite to Access the 5-Day Challenge Facebook Group
- ​Get the Private Link To Download The ​"REDLINE Cheat Sheet"
- ​Grocery List Download - List of Easy, Fast & Affordable Must Have Items
- ​Digital Recipe e-Book With 20 Recipes to Jump-Start Your Journey ($15 VALUE)

Total Value $997

General Admission Ticket $97

Flash Sale $7


Do YOU Accept The Challenge?


August 5th- 9th

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00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

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This is a unique opportunity to experience how powerful food can be to your weight and your health.  We will provide you with a variety of recipes and food options and we will provide accountability support as will as trainings throughout the challenge.

If you've tried weight loss plans that left you feeling hungry and you couldn't stick to it over time, this is YOUR opportunity!

The BODY You Want Is Found in the FOODS

Below The RedLine

And It Works 100% of the Time Because It's Based on Biological Principles & NOT Unsustainable Shortcuts!...

Join The Challenge
The same process I take you through in this bootcamp is the same exact process you’ll take YOUR customers through in your challenge funnel.

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Get Daily Training, Coaching, and Strategies EVERY DAY for 14 Days! 

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If "Lose Weight Eating More 5-Days Challenge" doesn't help you Lose Weight in 5 days... then we'll refund your money, No Questions Asked! All the risk is squarely on our shoulders. You have nothing to lose and all the success to gain!
The Clock Is Ticking...
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The next Bootcamp starts VERY SOON.

If this page is live, that means there are still spots left for the upcoming Challenge Creation Bootcamp.

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“I just bought another program and need to focus on that.”
“What if it doesn’t work?”
“I’m a single parent.”
These are all very real and legitimate reasons not to do the Creation Bootcamp.
I won’t minimize any of them, or judge anyone for expressing them.

Some of the reasons are so stressful you may not even see a way out.

You’re not alone. 

Here’s what I can tell you with 100% certainty…

I can name countless men and women who could have honestly and legitimately used one or more of these reasons not to take action…

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I can’t wait to guide you on your journey in building the perfect Challenge Funnel for your customers, fans, and community.
Vince Rountree
PS: If you skipped most of this letter and jumped right here to the end, here’s what you get when you join the “Challenge Creation Bootcamp:” 

You get 14 days of personalized video coaching by me, Austin Ford. The training is designed to get your Challenge Funnel up and running and launched in 2 weeks. No messing around.

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If you’re not happy or satisfied, I’ll refund your $100. All I ask is that you email me a link to your funnel and your progress workbook. 

Fair enough? Let’s get STARTED!
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Lose weight, by eating MORE or
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